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pieces of human-made objects are currently being tracked as they orbit the Earth, but that number only includes objects larger than a softball.

The actual quantity of space debris 1mm+ is estimated to be closer to 100 million. 1
More than
satellites are set to launch in the next 10 years. 2

While this represents great progress for the space economy and human space exploration, it also brings significant risks and challenges.
Our lives depend on what's in space. Even the tiniest speck of debris, orbiting at 17,000 miles per hour, can damage satellites and disrupt the space services that have become essential to our daily lives.
Illustration of a smart phone without a wifi connection


The world uses satellite services for communications and positioning every day. Everything from "Find My iPhone" to disaster response efforts to live event broadcasts rely on this infrastructure.

Illustration of a weather radar

Climate & Weather

We need space to help with environmental challenges on the ground. Satellites collect valuable data on humanity's impact on land, air, and sea, along with providing tomorrow's weather forecast.

Illustration of a credit card terminal without a data connection

Financial Transactions

Our financial system doesn't work without the ultra-precise timekeeping of GPS satellites. Without them, the stock market, ATMs, and point-of-sale systems grind to a halt.


We're committed to helping humanity treat the space environment as if our lives depend on it.

Because they do. 

Because they do. 

Privateer is creating the data infrastructure that will enable sustainable growth for the new space economy.

Our proprietary knowledge graph technology offers much-needed enhancements to how we collect and process information about space objects. Even as orbital highways become more congested, this data and the applications built on it will allow space operators to maneuver safely and effectively.

The first of many apps to be built on Privateer’s data engine is Wayfinder: an open-access and near real-time visualization of satellites and debris in Earth orbit.


Our everyday lives rely on space-based services all orbiting safely — from location services to climate monitoring and telecommunications. Privateer enables us to work together in space so we can stay connected on Earth. 


Our open and transparent platform enables nations, policymakers, and private ventures to share space responsibly, for the benefit of humankind. 


The future of the space economy seems boundless, and the pursuit of opportunities in space is rapidly evolving. Now is the time to establish how we will be stewards of space, ensuring future generations can flourish on the ground, in Earth orbit, and beyond. 

Illustration of Alex Fielding
Alex Fielding

An experienced leader and innovator in tech, Alex has served in leadership roles at companies like Apple and Exodus Communications, as well as co-founding Wheels of Zeus and Ripcord.

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Illustration of Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Silicon Valley icon and co-founder of Apple, Steve has been a tech entrepreneur for more than 40 years. 

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Illustration of Moriba Jah
Dr. Moriba Jah

Moriba is a renowned astrodynamicist, a space environmentalist, and an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin. As Privateer’s Chief Scientist, he is the visionary behind our innovative technology. 

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Brooke Bento
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Diana Klochkova
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Mike Sims
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Andrew Grinalds
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Justin Bellucci
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Advisory Board
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Claude Amadeo
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Stylized Portrait of Carissa Christensen
Carissa Christensen
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Illustration of Christopher Cretel
Christopher Cretel
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Illustration of Bill Diamond
Bill Diamond
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Illustration of Robb Kulin
Robb Kulin
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Kevin O'Connell
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Sanyin Siang
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Exploration and timekeeping have always gone hand-in-hand. Privateer is proud to partner with OMEGA and celebrate our shared values of knowledge, innovation, and hope for the future.
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